Sense Bruce Hyland
7th Dan / Chief Instructor

Sensei Bruce Hyland is Ishinryu Victoria's chief instructor and has been training and teaching karate since 1972.

Sensei Ticky Donovan
9th Dan / OBE Ishinryu Founder

In 1973 Ticky formed his own style of Karate known as Ishinryu which means ‘All of one Heart’.

Sensei Nigel Knighton
5th Dan

Sensei Nigel has been training for 30 years he was graded by Sensei Donovan in 2015 to the rank of 5th Dan, he is a teacher by profession.

Sempai Emily Read
2nd Dan

Emily started martial arts (Taekwondo) at just 7 years of age, five years later she achieved her Black Belt at just the age of 12.