Sensei Bruce Hyland

Sensei Bruce Hyland began his karate training in 1972. Having a grounding in Sport & Traditional Karate, and Coach Development. Bruce has always sought out the most advantageous methods for his own self-development and his students. Karate is neither sport, traditional or a reality-based self-defense, it is all these! Karate parrels life with principles and philosophies that are like having your own life coach every step of the way as you grow into the complete karate-student and person.

Early Bruce realized that his calling was to have an impact on others’ lives that meant by doing or seeking out the best in Sensei Ticky Donovan OBE 9th Dan or immersing himself in the sport and education, for 45 years plus he has competed, coached, trained and traveled the World extensively to reach that goal.

He has competed in numerous open tournaments since 1975, retiring in 2015 a forty years winning  29 Gold-21 Silver and 14 Bronze, along the way placing third at the 1985 Asian Pacific Championships and representing Australia in 1984 at the World Championships and winning national and state titles. Winning USA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS IN 2011…As a coach, he was National Kumite Coach from 1992 – 2005 taking 15 teams to international events, including three World Championships. At State level he has enjoyed a successful role as Senior State Coach from 1987 to 2000; he was appointed Head Kumite Coach 2009-2015.

His students have won or placed in International, National, and State Championships since 1975 with many of his students holding positions of state-level coaches – this is a testament to his methodology and philosophy one being that;

“One’s life is not important if it does not have an impact on others’ lives”.

The perception is that martial arts are a destructive and dangerous activity, no doubt it has that potential, however, Ishinryu programs have been designed for 3 years, 4-5 years, children 6-12, teenagers, adults. Discipline, fitness, self-control, confidence, self-defense are the benefits of training and karate practice. Ishinryu has Coloured belt system that assists the student to progress at their own pace without trepidation, each student has the potential to become a Black Belt.

As a student matures with grade, so also will his/her manners and etiquette, outwardly and even more important inwardly.

Bruce’s Profile

1972Began Karate training at Albert DAVIES Go Shin Do Karate School.
1975Graded to 1st Dan in December
1982Graded to 2nd Dan in April
1985Graded to 3rd Dan in November
1992Graded to 4th Dan in June
2000Graded to 5th Dan in June
2008Graded to 6th Dan in June
2015Graded to 7th Dan in October

Major Competitor Achievements

Victorian Championships1985Gold
Australian Championships1985Gold
APUKO Championships / Malaysia1985Bronze
USA Open Championships2011Gold
USA Open Championships2012Silver
Turkish Open Championships2014Silver

Coaching Achievements

Victorian Kumite Team1989 – 2000
Oceania Championships Team1992-1993-1995-1997-2001-2002-2004
Indonesian Open Championships2002
World Championships Seniors / Germany2000
World Championships Juniors / France2003
World Championships Juniors / Cyprus2005
Commonwealth Karate Championships / NZ2005
Victorian Kumite Team2009 – 2015