At BHCK – ISHINRYU we have four programs which run for a term or on the regular timetable:

WEAPONS with Soke Tony Ball 10th Dan Fudoshin. Soke is sort all over the globe for his skills as Weapons Master and will be conducting 10-week programs, so book in early as spaces are limited so enquire at reception.

THE YOGA DOJO “the place to practice” with Kru Bruce a qualified Yoga Teacher, level 1 200/hr, conducts classes during the term, so enquire at reception.

PERSONAL TRAINING with Emily Read – a qualified  PT instructor, Em runs individual and group classes so enquire at reception.

EXPRESS FITNESS KARATE with Sensei Bruce is designed to get the edge with HIIT / high-intensity interval training and Karate Kihon(basics) – kata(forms) – Kumite(sparring), classes so enquire at reception …